Complete installation for 28,000 galleon pool in Minneapolis, MN. Carbon dioxide locks the pH in without a sensor to calibrate.

The Totally Automated System does everything the Standard Turbo System does and more. The programmable controller comes with a programmable keypad. By following the prompts on the screen, the user can program the controller to provide ionization and oxidation for specific days of the week and times of the day. This eliminates the need to manually change the system from ionization to oxidation and back again on a weekly basis.

The Totally Automated System also provides automated COČ injection to control the water pH with a proprietary system that eliminates the sensors. The controller actuates the flow control solenoid valve to provide pH correction. Maintenance of the flow control unit is minimal. The time for COČ injection can be adjusted to minimize cost of tank refills.

By simply performing regular water testing twice per week during the first month after installation the user will be able to determine the amount of time needed for adequate COČ injection.

After the first few weeks of calibrating the copper timing and CO2 injection, the system runs in a totally automated manner eliminating the need for weekly testing of pH and copper.

The Totally Automated System is ideal for pool owners that want total automation or pool owners who would prefer to control rising pH using carbon dioxide rather than manually adding muriatic acid to their pool water.

The Totally Automated System is the most maintenance-free pool water treatment system available.


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