We are really enjoying our chemical free pool. The water is crystal clear and much gentler on the skin. I don't worry about the girls spending hours in the pool since they are no longer exposed to all the chlorine.


Fronica Gonzalez
The Woodlands, TX

Boy, we sure wish you would have had your unit 26 years ago, when we put the pool in, we started with chlorine. Our kidsí eyes would smart and sting and their suits and liner would fade. Then we went to baquacil, the damage to metal was bad and we are still felling those effects of that so - THANK YOU ECOSMARTE FOR A GREAT PRODUCT.

Dave and Phyl Cummings
Just north of Rockford, IL

I absolutely LOVE my new spa with the ECOsmarte system. My skin is so soft and smooth and my fingernails are strong and healthy. I love how easy it is to maintain. But most of all I like that there is no chlorine smell. We use the spa everyday and have shared it with many friends and neighbors, they all marvel at the purification system. I researched very carefully before making my purchase. I visited 7 different spa stores; I asked lots of questions and compared options. The ECOsmarte system was the best choice I could have made.

Kris Hanson
Richfield, MN

Our family loves your product. First, there is so much less maintenance with your system than normal chlorine systems. Secondly, the Copper Ionization System doesn't affect your eyes as bad as a chlorine system does. Thirdly, our skin comes out feeling cleaner than if we were to swim in a chlorinated pool. Lastly, it's much cheaper to maintain than a chlorinated pool (so my dad says).

Doug Gander (16 year old)
Apple Valley, MN

We are thrilled to finally discover an effective way to avoid chlorine 100% in our new pool. We recently moved to a house with a pool; we were excited about the recreational aspect but very concerned about the carcinogenic affects of chlorine. Now we can sleep peacefully knowing our children are protected by ECOsmarte. Thank you for providing a safe product!

Sue Kulpinsky
Edina, MN

After one year of having an ECOsmarte pool system installed in our pool, we are very happy with the results. It is very enjoyable to swim in water without chemicals. We don't have to worry about skin irritation from chlorine or other pool additives. The maintenance is minimal, and our pool looks great. We are looking forward to many great years of family fun in our pool.

Jeff and Kris Christiansen
Inver Grove Heights, MN

I have been very pleased with our ECOsmarte over the 5 years that I have happily owned it. It has benefited us in many ways. I guess you could say the money part of the deal is the best. We spend very little money on it yearly. This, in return, gives us more money to do the things we love like vacationing. Speaking of which, when we are gone for weeks at a time we don't have to worry about our pool. We also like the idea that there are no chemicals causing dry, itchy skin, No burning red eyes, and no smell. It is also a very healthy way to swim. As I'm sure you know chlorine is a cancer causing chemical.

Bill and Sandra Lickteig
Louisville, KY 40216

I am writing this letter to inform you that in 1997 we had an in-ground pool installed with your ECOsmarte system. At first, not knowing how to operate it, I was having some problems. I called Erik Nilsen, one of your consultants, and he talked me through the process and what I was to expect. Well, one week later my pool was crystal clear. It has remained that way ever since.

As you stated - no chemicals and pure water. It is a pleasure to swim in our pool. I can't thank you enough for such a wonderful product! You may use my name if you care to as an endorsement for your ECOsystem.

George Maros
Louisville, KY

We are writing this letter to let you know how nice it is to swim in a chlorine free pool! Our daughter, age 4, is extremely allergic to chlorine and breaks out in a rash after swimming in chlorinated pools. There is no odor of chlorine, our skin doesn't dry out after swimming, and no more red eyes! Most of all, no head to toe rashes for our daughter! Thank you so much for making our summer swimming enjoyable here in the heat of Arizona!

The Nardecchia Family
Phoenix, AZ